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Hugo Germain Ph.D. (bio)

Crédit photo: Photo Flageol
Crédit photo: Photo Flageol


I completed a Master degree with the Drs. Richard Hamelin, Dr.  Louis Bernier and Dr. Gaston Laflamme in Québec city. I joined the laboratory of Dr. Daniel Phillippe Matton at the university of Montréal for my Ph.D. During more than five years I focussed my efforts on the impact of receptor kinases on the embryonnic development of plants. I had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge when I worked for three months in the laboratory of Dr. Yaeta Endo (Ehime University) to familiarize myself with their robust large-scale cell-free in vitro protein expression system.

I then joined the laboratory of Dr. Xin Li (for a first post-doc) at the University of British Columbia to study the mechanisms of plant immunity mediated by the R-protein snc1. Dr.Li's lab has identified several genes that suppress the resistance of snc1 plants. My role in the lab was to investigate the intracellular localization of the snc1 protein and the impact of this localization on the immune response and to characterize a new partial suppressor of snc1. Surprisingly, the lab identified several component implicated in nucleocytoplasmic trafficking a suppressor of the snc1 auto-immune phenotype. 


I kept studying plant immunity when I joined the laboratory of Dr. Armand Séguin (institutional page, personal page), for my second post-doc. Although my focus there had more to do with effector and less with nucleocytoplasmic trafficking. 


My new laboratory focuses on the expertise developed during the last 10 years; plant innate immunity and nucleocytoplasmic regulation of mRNA export. I tackles these biological issues using functional genomic, genetics, biochemistry and live cell imaging.