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Bulb dynamics in the vacuolar lumen of Arabidopsis cells
Madina et al 2018
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Droplet digital PCR vs qPCR
Comparison of ddPCR vs qPCR
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Germain et al. 2017
Infection assays in Arabidopsis reveal candidate effectors from the poplar rust fungus that promote susceptibility to bacteria and oomycete pathogens.
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Fakih et al_2016
Unbiaised proteomic approach reverals new componets of PTI (Plant signaling and Behavior)
Fakih 2016.pdf
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124202 interacts with membranes_2016
Gaouar et al. 2016
124202 candidate interacts with membrane
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Rust induced protein inhibit spores growth
RISP 2016
Petre 2016.pdf
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Taf15b suppresses immunity and localizes to processing bodies
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2014_Effector biology
Chaudhari et al. Review on effectors
Effector from biotroph_2014.pdf
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2014_Floral dipping with OFX-309
Mireault et al 2014.pdf
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2013_The National DNA databank
National DNA Databank.pdf
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ScORK11 undergoes tissue dependant regulation.
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2013-mRNA export: threading the needle
2013-Frontiers in MPMI
Special issue on nucleocytoplasmic trafficking
mRNA export threading the needle.pdf
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2012-Piceau glauca defensin
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2011-MPMI in Canada_AmJPSB
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2011-Innate immunity: has poplar made its BED
New Phytologist
Has poplar made its BED.pdf
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2010_MOS11: A New Component in the mRNA Export Pathway
Plos Genetics
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2010_Nucleoporin MOS7/Nup88 contributes to plant immunity and nuclear accumulation of defense regulators
The Nucleus
ExtraView MOS7.pdf
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2010_Dissecting plant defence signal transduction: modifiers of snc1 in Arabidopsis
Disecting plant defence,MOS.pdf
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2009_Patterns of colonization and spread in the fungal spruce pathogen Onnia tomentosa
Molecular Ecology
Germain et al 2009MolEcol.pdf
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2009_ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE3 and ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE3-LIKE1 Repress SALICYLIC ACID INDUCTION DEFICIENT2 Expression to Negatively Regulate Plant Innate Immunity in Arabidopsis
The Plant Cell
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2009_Nuclear Pore Complex Component MOS7/Nup88 Is Required for Innate Immunity and Nuclear Accumulation of Defense Regulators in Arabidopsis
The Plant Cell
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2008_Characterization of ScORK28, a transmembrane functional protein receptor kinase predominantly expressed in ovaries from the wild potato species Solanum chacoense
FEBS Letter
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2008_ScORK17, a transmembrane receptor-like kinase predominantly expressed in ovules is involved in seed development
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2007_Characterization of ScORK28, a transmembrane functional protein receptor kinase predominantly expressed in ovaries from the wild potato species Solanum chacoense
FEBS Letter
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2006_Plant bioactive peptides: an expanding class of signalling molecules
Canadian Journal of Botany
Plant bioactive peptides.pdf
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2005_A 6374 unigene set corresponding to low abundance transcripts expressed following fertilization in Solanum chacoense Bitt, and characterization of 30 receptor-like kinases
Plant Molecular Biology
6374 unigenes.pdf
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2005_Characterization of five RALF-like genes from Solanum chacoense provides support for a developmental role in plants
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2002_DNA polymorphism and molecular diagnosis in Inonotus spp.
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