KIDS-DNA extraction



Fruit such as bananas

Table Salt

Baking soda

Liquid dishsoap

Rubbing alcohol

Cheese cloth (or coffee filter)

Tooth picks or paper clip

Ice bucket




Place alcohol in ice bucket and keep for later


Prepare “DNA extraction solution”:  add 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp dish soap and ¼ tsp salt to ½ cup of water in a becher.


Put 1  1-inch slice of fruit in a small bowl and smash with a spoon or mortar and pestle.


Add 3-4 tbsp “DNA extraction solution” to the bowl and grind with the spoon until the fruit is well pulverized.


Place the cloth on top of a narrow becher. Filter the DNA extract.


Add an equal volume of the cold rubbing alcohol, mix by swirling.  Wait ~ 5 min. or more.


“Fish” out precipitated DNA with a paper clip hook.