Current lab members

Parc de la Mauricie...on a wet day (2/06/2016) with almost all lab members (and a few others).

Current and former lab members


Research Professional

Mélodie B. Plourde




Mst Hur Madina (co-supervised)

Md Saifur Rahman (co-supervised)

Genevieve Laperriere (co-supervised)

Narimane Fradj (co-supervised)

Karen Cristine Goncalves Dos Dantos (co-supervised)

Claire Letanneur (co-supervised)

Teura Barff (co-supervised)

Zainab Fakih



Nicolas Dufour (co-supervised)

Roxanne Gigure-Tremblay (co-supervised)

Joelle Rancourt



Alexandre Brisson

Mathias Bisaillon

Prescilla Joubert

Juan Ariute (Globalink student from Brazil)



Former lab members 


Bulbul Ahmed

Marie-Ange Massicotte

Caterine Amireault 

Zainab Fakih

Thibaud Ludemann

Prateek Chaudhari

Ouassila Gaouar

Bruno Debotz 

Marianne Grunenwald

Caroline Mireault

Étienne Ricard

Marie Leclerc

Williane Ngatat

Louise-Emmanuelle Paris